The only way to rid temptation, is to yield to it 💛

Atlanta Based with Wanderlust & endless excitement

Height: 5′ 5″ (164cm)

Dress Size: US 2 / Small / 34B – Very Petite

Shoe: US 8.5 / EU 39 always with pedicure

Available to travel: Just Say When! 😊

Hobbies: Film Making, Travel, Lavish Parties

Passions: Wine, Fashion, Dining, Jazz, Learning, Happiness

Elegance is in the Details

I am Ororo Snow, you may address me as Divine Ruler. My ancestry has blessed me with a Superior bloodline allowing ME to RULE over all things inferior such as the mortal male that you are. I offer a luxurious alluring experience for the gentleman who is in search of Superior Feminine Rule rooted in deep rituals, mental stimulation and pain. Whips, bondage, and the Orisa. This will be the cornerstone our connection.

As a submissive you feel deep shame living life in a world that privileges men for simply having penises. The day has come and you are finally accepting pain as your pleasure, understanding your ego is no good here. Sadomasochism is a profound energy in that regard.

Before sessions commence I love to get to know you as much as possible. Your deepest submissive fantasies will be the lifeblood of my creativity leading up to our imminent connection. I crave to Dominate the gentleman who is bored with an unfulfilled life and doesn’t want to compromise desires or chemistry any longer.

I’m usually smiling, unless my mouth is full (its the quickest way to my heart) yes especially when I have a pair of heels sunken deep into your balls. Everything about me is real, you will find me completely breathtaking, not for my looks alone, but for how I make you feel. My genuineness, My personality, and definitely but more importantly My charm 😈. Finding genuine pleasure in your suffering and misfortune underneath my bright smile and seductive ways possess a wicked sense of humor and debauchery that can only be experienced but find that out for yourself. My alluring nature is positively optimistic and mysterious.

No diva attitude here, no need… I’m a Deity and I expect to be treated as such. I don’t fit comfortably into any boxes – I’m a very free thinker and a free spirit.

As an exploration of desire, deep servitude can become an amazing tool for discovering yourself snowflake. I assure you that in my presence, you will seek mental stimulation and knowledge of the Divine. You value the pain because of its capability to create moments that give you intense physical satisfaction and deep spiritual understanding. I have many passions and can’t wait to hear about yours. Let’s Play!


good servants read blogs, yes?

Exclusive intl. Ebony Companion

I accept casual calls through SextPanther, IWC & NiteFlirt ONLY

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