Ororo Snow

Ororo Snow

Divinity Personified

Destroying The Male Ego

The male ego is a useless nuisance that all penis carriers must be stripped of indefinitely. In this training course you will learn the meaning of worship, loyalty, truth, obedience, honesty, and love for your Divine Ruler. ENROLL NOW!

Devoted Servitude

Superior Black Feminine Rule is the only way I am going to take you on a journey snowflake. It will be like taking a walk down a long dreary foggy road. You will hear sounds...
Serve! "Devoted Servitude"

Address Me as Divine Ruler

Welcome my little snowflake, I am happy you made it here. You may address me as Divine Ruler, Ororo Snow or just “Divine Ruler”. I am a Professional Financial and Sadistic Dominatrix based in Atlanta. I am of the Superior race and Superior sex as a Black Woman. My ancestry has gifted me with Supreme ruling over all things inferior to the purity of untainted melaninated skin deeming me a Deity to those of lesser bloodlines. I demand respect and offerings above all else and will not tolerate anything less than perfection from those who serve me. I have a passion for domination and Black Female Supremacy. I love to build long lasting sadistic seductive power exchange relationships, seducing you into My world of power and pleasure leaving you completely useless without me as I inflict pain not just on your body but also your soul. Destroying the male ego and rebuilding it under My Rule is what I was born to do.


Go even further with your submission and dive deep into my world of sadistic romance.

I love extending my grace into a more personal relationship with my all of my tailored Experiences. I love to treat the perfect partner with genuine love, affection, and romance throughout our long lasting relationship, no matter the type. Allow me to stimulate your senses with kink, romance, spontaneity, and sadism. You will absolutely beg for more.

When you are ready to give in to your true desires of serving a sexy, confident, all ruling Deity, you may approach her RESPECTFULLY. As a woman with many desires, I cater to a multitude of kinks to expand my knowledge, hunger, and passion in front of and behind the camera.

I offer 4 exclusive experiences outside of clips and phone services for a more decadent deserving clientele.

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