All About The Divine

Hello little snowflake

– You’ve entered Heaven

And I’m the dopest woman you’ll ever meet hands down

When I was 10 I told my mother I wanted a heart breaker shirt and she said to me “it doesn’t pay to be so mean” oh how wrong she was!

MY Divinity is reserved for MY servants, however I will give you 3 blessings

  1. I like MY servants eager and obedient
  2. You must see ME to believe it,
  3. There is no escape

What I Offer

Mysterious, elegantly charming, and so gorgeous it should be illegal, I completely break the rules of society no apologies. MY servants value complete Servitude and dedicated Devotion.

I am a GOD, I exist to be completely worshipped, I command desire and devotion with a harsh abrupt indoctrination. You will Pray, You will Pay, and most importantly YOU WILL OBEY!

I’m not satisfied with superficial submission, and neither are you, which is why you have come in search of a true GOD. How will you summon me? What will you do for my guidance and affection? And if bestowed upon you how will devote yourself?

What I want

Your soul

— Xxx-O💛

Exclusive Dominatrix & Companion