Spending time with GOD is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!

It cultivates true deep devotion like no other.

You’ve learned how to Summon ME, now all theres left to do is well, Summon ME.

To Request Court with the divine

Worship requires a $75 tribute to begin the conversation, your request will not be answered without it.

Do not neglect to $end.

A 15-minute phone or video call will finalize your heavenly escape.

Screening is non-negotiable no matter how “important” you perceive yourself to be. All information is for MY eyes only.

And make no mistake your application is not guaranteed entry to Heaven! I am stingy with MY love, too busy for mediocrity, you must be eager, obedient, and impressive.

If you do not resonate with being obedient, devoted, generous, kind, selfless, curious, outgoing, warm hearted, spontaneous and adventurous then tribute ME silently and continue to work on yourself until you are worthy of my time.

Exclusive Ebony Companion

I ONLY accept calls through SextPanther, IWC & NiteFlirt