Ororo Snow
Call Your Divine Ruler

Call Your Divine Ruler

Contacting your Divine Ruler begins with 1 simple task. Binging! My content is a reflection of who I am and what my personality is like, get to know me better by watching me. Will this send you deeper under my spell? Of course it will snowflake.

However, binging on my clips gets me to notice you much faster by seeing your name pop up over and over and over again in my mail. 😘 Of course you can always drop huge tributes to get my attention. Other ways to contact Your Divine Rule are through email, text/chat, or even over the phone.

I want to get to know you much better.

Divine Ruler I’m too much of a weak bitch to dive in….

snowflake if you are too much of a weak bitch to fork over your soul to me right away then simply subscribe to my podcast and learn how you can grow the little bitch balls that I will eventually chop off and add to my collection. Then spread the fucking gospel of my podcast. That is your first task… 😘