Superior Black Feminine Rule is the only way

I am going to take you on a journey snowflake. It will be like taking a walk down a long dreary foggy road. You will hear sounds of trees swaying in the wind and waves lightly crashing in the distance. You walk until you find a willow tree, but this is no ordinary willow tree. This tree is covered in delicate yellow lilies. You have finally found your one True Divine Ruler and now it is time for a life of servitude. This is a training course for you snowflake. Whatever you think you know about submission forget it! Your ego will be destroyed and you will take your rightful place beneath me as a loyal devoted servant. It is time to give your life up to ME. Now strip naked, recite the holy vow and begin.

How does devoted servant training work?

Your ego will be broken. You will undergo My strict Devoted Servant training from start to finish. There are 3 intense levels to complete in a very methodical order. You are going to delve deeper and deeper into the main principles of devotion. As you develop to become my servant, you will watch your fragile penis ego dissolve and your devotion grow. The more you achieve, the more privileges you will unlock this is more than just fantasy.

Is this real training?

I want you to understand that this absolutely is REAL training. This mental conditioning is not for the faint-hearted, so many of these rituals are created to push you deeper under my control taking over your mind, body, and eventually soul. However, I know that little bitch voice deep within you is begging to experience what I have waiting for you just on the other side of that BEGIN TRAINING button. If you have read this far, then I know you are ready to give into your deepest submissive needs that plead SERVE! SERVE! SERVE!

Can I be a devoted servant?

Do you respond with ego? Do people think you’re somehow a “leader”? Are you ready to give up that false sense of power? The simple answer to all these questions is YES snowflake, you can become My devoted servant. Becoming My devoted servant is a privilege, & those who serve thank me every day of their lives. I am going to unlock your true potential each and every day as we bond on this amazing journey ahead. Each level of training is filled with real life tasks, deep spiritual rituals and easy daily assignments. This will be like nothing you have ever experienced in your life! I am going to push your boundaries. I am make you very uncomfortable. I am going to teach you what it truly means to be a servant. It will hurt my little snowflake but this is your only way to salvation. However, that’s not all… because with every act of servitude you will earn points and achievements to also gain my trust. As a result, you will fall deeper into servitude.

Are you ready to make your fantasy a reality? YES!

Soothe your mind with my subliminal submission sounds

Exclusive intl. Ebony Companion