Hello world! My name is Ororo Snow

My name is Ororo Snow, you may address me as Divine Ruler, Ororo Snow or just Divine Ruler for short. My name Ororo (pronounced Oh ROAR Oh), was influenced by the first name of the X-Men superhero, Storm. Storm is a veered a Goddess by local sub humans due to her capabilities of controlling weather and adapting to extreme weather conditions.

I chose to go with the Deity’s actual name Ororo, instead of Storm simply because it tells a much deeper story of my power and strength. The name Ororo gives a much deeper feel than the mutant name Storm, Ororo is the name of the all powerful Deity. The strongest X-“man” there ever was as a matter of fact. Also the name Storm is very widely used among Dommes lol but I wasn’t going to let my true identity go that easily so I did more research.

Another big part of my persona Ororo is the ties that this name has with the originators of Goddess, Queens, and our lesser male counterparts alike. He can be a King but a Queen will always rule. Ororo was born of a Kenyan Tribal Princess, deep African roots and heritage. Another big part of my ruling over my little snowflakes come from the teachings of the Deity Oya, the strongest Goddess there ever was, Although some may think its Oshun. She is also extremely powerful in her own regard. However I resinated most with Oya, the barren Goddess yet a miracle mother of 9. Don’t worry my little snowflake you will learn more of this in your training.

A quick bit about me before I go though, the main thing to know about me is that I am above all respectful. Next is that I take up space. When I walk in a room I own that room, no where we are no matter what we are doing I draw the attention to me by simply being there. I have a very strong love for bondage, Japanese Kinbaku to be precise. I grow this passion at a young age along with my love of dragons, calligraphy, and Japanese art. My next love is whips, a bit ironic that ropes and whips would be the love of a 10th- 15th generation American black woman but hey here we are. The sound of a whip cracking literally makes my pussy wet and inflicting that pain onto loyal servant repenting the sins of our ancestry makes blood taste so sweet. No I am not into blood play, but the imagery is tasty.

I decided to become a Dominatrix late 2019 after I was told it was as easy as making a twitter lol, ladies it is not that easy but it is a start, however I haven’t looked back since. I’ve had the Dominatrix bug since I was about 15 and finally got permission from the universe that I was allowed to be one so thats exactly what the fuck I’m gonna do. Day by day I open up more to who I am as a Dominatrix and you can watch that journey or join me on that journey. Either way I am happy you found my site and I know you’ll be around for whats to come.

– Divine Ruler

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  1. Melanin Panther 🐆

    Ororo’s true king is the Black Panther indeed.