Top 5 Things I have Planned

If you have been following my sporadic tweets then you know of my untimely knee infection back in May. I’ll admit something to you snowflake, I’m not the type of person that has ever had to deal with an injury like this. It has really slowed me down, I rarely ever catch a common cold, the last time was 2018…. maybe even before then.

Being forced by the universe to slow down has taught ME lots in planning, openness, self forgiveness and most importantly discipline. The thing we both love the most 馃槇. I’m not sure if you know this as a mortal male your species as yet to surprise me in its lack of common sense however did you know that Goddesses have major struggles sometime!?? I’m sure you’re not that stupid, you are striving to be MY personal pet so having your wits about you is a must! Anywho, I say all of that to cum to this point….. Time is only as useful as you make it snowflake so in my downtime and recovery I have planned to give you more of ME ad I expect this from you.

Here are 5 things that I have planned for this month that I pray completely manifest. You are going to help me with this snowflake. Make yourself useful don’t be a twat = Time Wasting Ass Twat

#1 Posting content on a consistent schedule

This may sound like a no brainer however I’ve spoken on my hangups about constant internet and social media posting. I don’t believe in living my life behind a screen and had many personal issues with the way social media affects mental health. I luckily did not fall into that trap of being consumed by it however it is a major part of growing MY business so I must adapt to business. This also includes Femdom clip creation and distribution because you don’t just want to jerk to pics now do you snowflake. Beginning as a content creator Dominatrix has so many obstacles at least for how I process things. I still consider myself a novice Domme with lots to learn so in my pursuit to hone my craft I would love feedback on my clips, audio files, virtual training, and posting in general. Let me know what you think of MY niche, how you view things and what you would enjoy seeing more of.

#2 Sessions

My idealistic view of a Dominatrix was a hard bodies, no tolerance, twisted sadistic woman covered in latex. It still makes me horny thinking about it. I want a custom latex suit to abuse you in for sure but I digress. My personal goal is to grow as a Dominant, to understand deeply your desires, wants, afflictions, and triggers. Personally I feel that there is no better way to do this than through sessioning consistently. Doing sessions with Dommes can be scary, you never know what sort of personality you may encounter and if their ethics are in tack. Truth is snowflake if you want to be my personal pet which I strive for as well then you will grow a pair of balls for ME to torture. Fear does not rule you I DO! I will be taking more sessions going forward and I will be booked in advance. Make your dreams cum true and start with a simple lunch session. I only go hard and fast if I know your truly into it. Let’s find out.

#3 Practice Practice Practice

As I get back in my routine of shooting, editing, living an actual life uninhibited, I plan to have days in my schedule contributed to nothing but practice. Bondage training, whip education and practice, and deep mental verbal abuse that can be instantly connected to your deepest desires of objectification and humiliation. Being that we are mostly virtual for the rest of forever it seems to be you will see this shift in upcoming clips and overall domination. You can be useful and sacrifice your triggers, self esteem and even body to MY practices. Message me your fantasies and stories so that I can use them for MY pleasure. If you wish to sacrifice your body to ME you will need to complete the booking form.

#4 Video Calls / Live sessions

Normally I don’t much talk to you twats, I’ve explained why earlier. You little snowflakes of MY harem have becoming quite an interesting bunch however. For that reason I will be accepting more video chats for you all. On the days where I am doing phone sessions I will also be doing video calls starting at $10/min with a 10 minute minimum. Video calls will be done on Zoom or SextPanther only. No one is getting special treatment facetime calls so do not even ask. Zoom works for everyone.

#5 DomCon Nola

Lastly DomCon Nola is a BIG Plan that I have for this year. Since I was ever so rudely interrupted by a life threatening blood infecting (I’m being dramatic for flare) I missed the entire DomCon LA weekend. Honestly it was a complete load of bullshit, I’m so pissed about it. Lucky for ME there is a convention in New Orleans form October 25th – 30th and I will 100% absolutely be there. You and your fellow mortals are going to get me there comfortably with MY friends and I am going to have a great time covered in latex. A weekend of pics and videos that you will never forget. Could you imagine? Sexy baby blue latex blending into my chocolate skin towering over you as General Esdeath an Icy cold unforgivable Ruler. If you don’t know that anime reference just know that corporal punishment is a reward in Esdeath’s harem as it is in MINE! I have posted a fundraiser on my Loyalfans page, go tribute to MY adventure, education, and POWER snowflake. That tiny little dick belongs to ME and giving your weekly tithe is a non-negotiable.

As I continue to grow as a Dominant and business accountability is the bare minimum that we both can afford to one another. Figuring things out can be difficult on both ends, this kinky game only works when we both do, so engage with ME respectfully! And be considerate of my time as well. If you want to be MY top pet with lots of access you need to work for it. It’s more than a monetary game this is a mental one. I am the Goddess of mental stimulation once I control your mind the rest will follow. Once you’re OWNED you’ll be a better human because of ME. Let’s Play!

Exclusive intl. Ebony Companion

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  1. Good post. I learn something new and challenging on blogs I stumbleupon everyday. It will always be interesting to read articles from other authors and use a little something from their sites.