Ororo Snow


How can you get Divine Ruler to notice you?

It’s no secret that Your Divine Ruler spends her time, creating content for the masses, learning more about bondage, whips, and kink in general, hangs with her gorgeous ladies and goes on lavish luxurious dates with actual wealthy worthy delicious gentlemen. So how could you possibly summon such a confident beautiful Divine Ruler to speak to you? Don’t worry snowflake there is a way you can get her attention.

You have come to Worship Me now haven’t you my snowflake. You are enamored by my beauty and shaken by my Dominance. You simply must know more about me, binge more, and devote yourself to Your Divine Ruler. Whatever the case snowflake you will begin by tributing then tirelessly worshipping me otherwise you will go unanswered and unnoticed. The best way to worship Your Divine Ruler is to:

1. Binge on her clips

2. Begin your Devoted Servitude Training

3. Simply send until it hurts…. then send again